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Project Description

The first climbing gym in France to offer bouldering, difficulty, and speed in Olympic format, the Colmar climbing gym in Alsace offers all types of climbing, for all types of climbers and all levels. The Salle d'Escalade de Colmar (SEC) " Blocandwall " is the largest climbing gym in the east of France.

With a climbing area of around 1500 m², it has a space dedicated to small children (from 4 years old under parental supervision) and parents, a boulder structure sized for the general public, families, but also competitors.

There is also a multi-purpose rope area, which will allow beginners and more experienced climbers alike to climb up to 15 meters in height, on routes ranging from 5A to 8C.

Project Statistics

  • Location: Colamr, France
  • Climbable area: 1000 m²
  • Date: January 2018
  • Wall Type: Rope and Bouldering walls
  • Technology: MozaiK
  • Climber profile: All types of climbers

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