ENTRE-PRISES created the first climbing holds in 1985 and revolutionized sport climbing. Since then, the sport has continued to evolve, creating new practices and approaches.

For over 30 years, EP Holds has been constantly innovating and offering the product requested by climbers and route-setters!

Today, route-setting has become a real work of art, intimately linked to the shapes of the holds.

Shaping holds require skills and inspiration to create various moves. What will be yours?

EP is a proudly IFSC Authorised producer for Holds, Macros, and Volumes.


EP Holds offers you a complete range of volumes.

They will allow you to create new moves and rethink the geometry of your walls in a simple and effective manner.

The “Pharao” range is a set of plywood volumes that come in different geometric shapes.

They can be easily assembled together to create more complex shapes. Each side has a different slope in increments of 10° increment.

The bolt-on holds can be fixed on the surfaces of the volumes as there are numerous threaded inserts.

In addition, the resin volumes offer organic shapes perfect for bouldering.

Our wood volumes range, the Pharao Range, has been recently extended and gave birth to 4 new Pharaos:

  • Isis, Gizeh, Hathor, and Seth.

The two first are very small, they may most likely be used as holds.

The two seconds are definitely big and are conceived for being used all together to create a crack, for example.

May they give you the strength to top the highest mounts!



Fibreglass Macros have always been present in EP Holds Range.

Iconic shapes such as Wok, Taijitu, and Bubble have become a must-have standard. From local gyms to world Championships, Routesetters are always finding new ways of using them!

This is why they are also part of IFSC's official sports equipment catalog.

This year, the Wok is also available in Dual Texture creating a Yin Yang for trendy routes with better visual aspect!

Our fiberglass macros range has been growing so fast, that we had to create a new universe just for them. This is the turn for Ufo and Orb: 6 oval shapes that do not derogate to the rule: same universe, declined in several prehensions.

Will you challenge the most fleeting Orb? Next Unidentified Flying Object may you!



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The ENTRE-PRISES “Kids” range of soft and ergonomic grips is adapted for the hands of children! These holds can be used to route-set paths on a climbing wall, or build many fun traverses. As they are certified for playgrounds, they guarantee safety for children. The PolyEster holds are resistant to abrasion, especially sneaker use, and can be used outdoors.

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