Posted on Feb 17, 2023

Road to Paris 2024

The next Summer Olympic Games are right around the corner and with it a new and exciting way to celebrate sport and the world’s top athletes.

Paris 2024 has finally unveiled a new set of colourful pictograms to mark the occasion, imbued with classical French elegance and reminiscent of an iconic Paris feature - the cobblestone.

Sport Climbing’s own pictogram places the essential climbing wall in the very centre surrounded by equally fundamental climbing holds. This pictogram will have a place of honour decorating the new Le Bourget Climbing Venue, where the sport climbing competition will take place from 5-6 August 2024.

Traditionally, sport climbing is comprised of three separate disciplines with their own rules and set of skills needed to excel and ultimately reach the top of the dedicated wall.



The Olympic Games in Tokyo stepped away from the usual individual competitions and introduced the Olympic Combined Format, merging all three disciplines into one event where Alberto Ginés Lopéz of Spain and Janja Garnbret of Slovenia claimed climbing’s first Olympic gold medals.

Drawing on sport climbing’s expanding popularity after the Games two years ago, and the contrast between climbing’s disciplines, Paris 2024 is planning on hosting two different competitions – Combined Lead & Bouldering and a separate Speed Climbing event. This also means more Olympic sport climbing athletes and more medals available for contention!



An ultimate test of endurance taking place on the tallest climbing wall out of all the disciplines. Climbers have one six-minute attempt to climb the highest on the wall.



A discipline known for its short dynamic routes that must be completed in under four minutes with the lowest number of tries.



The fastest sport climbing discipline, requiring perfect coordination. Climbers race up parallel standardized walls in a series of one-on-one heats with the fastest climber advancing to the next round until the winner is determined.

PARIS 2024

As the upcoming Paris 2024 draws nearer, so does the creation of the next Olympic climbing wall.

The team at EP Climbing can’t wait to unveil their own interpretation of French elegance for the world’s biggest climbing stage, in collaboration with our long-time partner, the IFSC!

We can’t wait to see the animated crowd at the event and watch the athletes perform at their absolute peak in Paris at Le Bourget. In the meantime, the official bouldering wall for Paris 2024, dubbed TITAN, is currently available to add to your climbing gym, school or entertainment centre.

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