Posted on Feb 10, 2023

How to rent a competition wall?

Renting a climbing wall for your next competition is a fantastic and sustainable way to challenge climbers.

EP Climbing has a range of rentable competition walls available for multiple days to several months, including delivery and installation.

    • Speed Climbing Walls for Official International and National Competitions

    EP Climbing’s speed walls are made to set new speed climbing world records. Each wall is built in the standard IFSC grey colour and includes an IFSC-certified belay system and IFSC-certified holds.

    The official IFSC-approved speed wall measures 15 meters tall and includes 40 handholds and 22 footholds with a 93m2 total surface area. This wall can be used in international climbing competitions and is the only wall size approved for speed climbing world records.

    • TITAN, the IFSC Official Boulder Wall

    This EP Climbing-exclusive boulder wall is the result of months of collaboration between EP and the IFSC and will be used in the IFSC World Championships Bern 2023 and the Olympic Games 2024 in Paris.

    With this official boulder wall, anyone can reproduce competition routes to enhance athlete training, place bids to host national and international climbing competitions and organize remote challenges with other TITAN owners.

    • Rental Walls for Local Events, Competitions, or Fun

    EP Climbing walls are now available to rent for recreational purposes, special events, brand activation, or sport climbing competitions. All walls are self-standing and made to fit almost anywhere, and competition walls include coverings, stages, and back training walls.



    First, determine your climbing wall type from the options available. Then, contact us to start selecting the panel angles and colours to fit your aesthetic with our team. Once decided, EP will ship your wall to your location with all the elements required for installation. Our local construction team will set up the wall with all the proper security measures. Next, enjoy your wall and a successful, low-cost, no-risk event! When it is time to pack up the wall, our team will leave everything as it was before.

    Ready to bring a rental climbing wall to your event? Contact us to start planning your temporary addition!

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