Posted on Feb 10, 2023

How long do climbing walls last?

As climbing becomes an increasingly popular past-time and more climbers visit your gym every day, it’s necessary to take preventive steps to avoid wear and tear and keep your facility running smoothly.

A well-maintained climbing wall can last for 20 years and lengthen your investment by avoiding the need to construct replacement walls or order new equipment.

Double Check Your Safety Equipment and Belay Devices

Climbing is not without risk. To protect your team and any visitors to your gym, don’t forget to inspect all personal protection equipment (PPE), harnesses, ropes and belay devices for potential defects and verify that they continue to comply with the current local safety standards.

All auto-belay devices need to be inspected annually. During the inspection, worn or non-compliant parts will be replaced, and the device tested against load to ensure it functions correctly.


Enhance Your Gym with an Upgrade

All walls experience regular wear and tear from on-going use by passionate climbers. Overtime, this can cause climbing walls to deviate from the local safety standards and pose a risk to users. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct regular compliance audits to ensure that everything is up to date.

If a compliance upgrade is needed to meet the current safety standards, the EP Climbing technical design team is ready to help you determine the best solutions for your wall type and budget. Compliance upgrades include changing hold fixings, improving framework and landing zones, and even repainting old panels to freshen up your aesthetic.


Revamp Your Setting Style

High-quality routesetting is vital to getting more climbers in your doors and on the walls. Trained routesetters can create fun, challenging routes for climbers of all skill levels, while also considering the impact active movement can have on your wall and holds. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to send your routesetters to seminars or hire professional EP routesetters to teach your team the best tips and tricks to limit the need to buy new holds, volumes or macros every month and liven up your gym.

In between any inspection, compliance upgrade or new routesetting, take the time to regularly clean wall panels, re-bolt any hold fixings and avoid moisture as much as possible to prevent deterioration.


Ready to schedule your next maintenance appointment? The EP Climbing maintenance team is here to help! Contact us today to start improving your gym.


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