Posted on Jan 24, 2023

What is a competition climbing wall?


Competition walls are built to test the skills of the world’s strongest sport climbing athletes in the three main sport climbing disciplines – Lead Climbing, Bouldering, and Speed Climbing.


Lead climbing is an ultimate endurance battle, with athletes battling strenuous movements requiring precise technique and the growing overhang of the wall to climb the highest.

Competition lead climbing walls measure approximately 15 meters tall with space to set two or more routes.


Bouldering is an increasingly popular sport climbing discipline known for its short dynamic routes. In a bouldering competition, athletes have a limited amount of time to reach the top of four boulders in the least number of attempts. Boulder walls measure 4.5 meters tall and are surrounded by climbing mats to protect climbers when they fall, instead of ropes.


The fastest of the three sport climbing competition disciplines, speed climbing requires strength and perfect coordination. Athletes race to the top of a fixed route, protected by an auto-belay, to beat their opponent and possibly the world record. IFSC-approved competition speed walls measure 15 meters tall and feature two three-meter race lanes.

Certified Climbing Walls for Speed Climbing Competitions

Speed walls must be certified to be used in an official International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) competition. The certification process has two necessary steps:

  • The wall must meet the IFSC standards. All EP climbing walls are manufactured to meet the strict demands of the IFSC Speed License rules, and our team can perform the inspection necessary to earn the official “IFSC-recognized speed wall” certification.
  • An official IFSC representative must validate the overall aspects, including the wall, timer, and auto-belay before the start of the competition. The EP Climbing team is IFSC-certified to complete this process for you.

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