How to plan a climbing gym?

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Climbing is rapidly growing in popularity as a competitive sport, a fun way to stay in shape, and a thrilling way to spend time with friends and family. After an appearance at the highly anticipated Olympic Games in Tokyo and an upcoming appearance at the Olympic Games in Paris, interest in climbing will continue to increase.

EP Climbing, formally Entre-Prises, has been manufacturing top-of-the-line climbing walls for over 35 years, including walls for the biggest international competitions. Interested in building a new climbing gym or adding new recreational equipment to a school or playground, EP Climbing has the solution for you.

Specialized in planning, flexibility, and problem-solving, the EP Climbing team is equipped to manage any request, aims to develop strong relationships with each client, and coordinates projects that fit every specific need.

Start Planning a Climbing Gym

The first step to planning a climbing gym is to find the ideal location for your project. Potential building sites include local parks, playgrounds, school gymnasiums, or empty buildings near high-traffic areas, such as shopping centres or office complexes.

After securing the perfect location, the next step is to begin planning your climbing wall with the EP Climbing team.

1. Contact the EP Sales team by filling out the contact form with your interests and initial desired specifications from wall types, colours, and unique designs. 

2. Meet with the EP Sales and Design team to plan your tailor-made project and identify the most appropriate solutions and products

3. The EP Design team reviews the technical elements of the project following local safety standards and produces a contractual design and quote.

4. Upon signed approval of the design and quote, the chosen project manager will complete a feasibility and compliance study to ensure that everything is approved for construction.

5. The design office will analyse the transfer of loads in the structure from top to bottom to determine the total distribution of weight on all load-bearing elements.

6. Materials and supplies are ordered, and the local EP assembly team finally begins construction.

7. After completion of the climbing wall, the EP team is available to inspect, maintain, and upgrade the climbing wall as needed.

EP Climbing is passionate about the climbing community and the success of all climbing projects. Transparency, honesty, and strong principles are the groundwork for all EP collaborations to guarantee reliable, confident, and long-term relationships with all our clients.

Get in touch with us today to schedule your first meeting with the EP Sales team and discover all the possibilities ahead.