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In September 2022, Indonesia hosted the IFSC Climbing World Cup for the first time ever. Moreover, it was a proud moment for EP Climbing when we were chosen to supply the international standard climbing infrastructure for this historic event. Anind Shrivastava, a team member of EP Climbing from Asia & a passionate climber, tells us the story of Indonesia and EP Climbing’s role in the growth of Sport Climbing in the country.

It's early September 2022 in Jakarta. A team of installers led by EP Climbing is working at full pace to set up two international standard lead & speed climbing walls right in the heart of Jakarta city, surrounded by magnificent skyscrapers, giving the view a natural feel of urban climbing. Everyone is excited, as this is no ordinary event.

The international standard climbing walls are being set up to host the very first climbing world cup in Indonesia, which is being hosted by the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) and FPTI, and EP Climbing has been chosen as the official supplier of the climbing walls. It’s a world cup that will go down in the history as one of the most successful debut events in Sport Climbing!

IFSC Climbing World Cup Jakarta 2022

Being the global leader in Climbing infrastructure and having manufacturing centers in many parts of the globe, EP Climbing is a truly dynamic organization that has the capacity to design, engineer, manufacture, and install projects in a very short amount of time, while delivering the best quality standards available in the global market. Our team understands the ground realities of different countries very well and we have adapted ourselves like a local business in our working styles, to make working with us efficient for our clients.

For these reasons, EP Climbing was chosen as the official supplier for the Jakarta world cup and several other international standard climbing projects in Indonesia.

EP Climbing has been the pioneer of Sport Climbing since its inception in 1985 when its founders invented the first artificial climbing structures. Since then, we have made our way through with a strong core value – Brings Climbing to Everyone!

EP Climbing is also an official partner of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) and has been trusted as the official supplier for the biggest Global climbing events in the world like Tokyo Olympics 2020, Youth Olympic Games, IFSC World Cups, World Games and finally the latest world cup in Jakarta in September 2022. EP Climbing also works closely with the Climbing federations in many countries to develop the sport climbing communities, to bring climbing to everyone, and to show the real power of Sport Climbing!

From time to time, we have provided financial support and training to the climbers who needed it.

Tokyo Olympics 2021

One such story is the story of Indonesia, perhaps the most intriguing one! A story that tells how good climbing infrastructure can change the future of the climbers and eventually the future of sport climbing in a country in just a matter of a few years. Let’s rewind a bit...

It all started back in 2018, when Indonesia hosted the Asian Games in Palembang, Indonesia, and EP Climbing was chosen to supply the international standard climbing walls for the games. Little did anyone know that this event would make Sport Climbing a preferred choice of sport in Indonesia! Or that Indonesian climbers would break the world speed record one day!

Asian Games, Palembang Indonesia

Since then, EP has been awarded many private and government projects to build International Standard climbing walls. One of the flagship ones being at Jakarta Garden city with a massive climbable area of 890 square meters & six lines of speed.

Not just this, EP was also working on 5 other projects in Indonesia at the same time. Doing this requires very dynamic coordination of manufacturing, logistics, installation, and the ability to mobilize resources, which we know how to execute really well!

We are proud to say that the Indonesian climbers used our creations to help them train for climbing championships, which eventually made them the fastest speed climbers in the world! In 2021, Indonesian climbers Kiromal Katibin & Veddrique Leonardo broke the speed records at the Salt Lake City World Cup in the US, on EP Speed Walls. One year later at the Chamonix World Cup, Kiromal Katibin broke his own speed record (again on EP Speed Walls..!) to set a better one of 5.009 seconds!!

Isn’t that insane? This feat earned our Speed Walls the title of “Made for breaking records!”.

IFSC Chamonix World Cup 2022
Jakarta International Climbing Park
Jakarta International Climbing Park

Fast forward to World Cup day, the event was a major success, and the arena was a house full on all 3 days, just like the World Cups in Europe or USA!

As usual, Indonesian climbers secured gold in the speed category and also made it to the finals in lead climbing - only a matter of time before one of them makes it to the podium!

Being the very first World Cup in the country, the response from the crowd was truly overwhelming and the fans were thrilled to see their favorite climbers climb in front of them. There was high drama!


There is no question that an event like this will motivate hundreds of young ones to take up climbing as a sport!

At EP Climbing, we believe in the power of Sport Climbing and in bringing this fantastic sport to everyone. Events like this make us proud of our values and motivate us to strive forward for the development of Sport Climbing.

It’s already a WIN for us when every time our efforts help motivate a new person to take up Sport Climbing.

See you during the next event! 😉

Team EP Climbing.

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