Posted on Apr 12, 2024

Diversifying mountain tourism: Climbing Village, the EP Climbing solution

Diversifying mountain tourism

Mountain tourism is currently facing a crucial issue: diversification. The heavy economic dependence of mountain regions on the ski industry, which accounts for a significant proportion of their income, affects all mountain ecosystems, as well as infrastructure and human activities, calling their economic model into question.

Mountain tourism is an undeniable economic driver in terms of economic spin-offs, creating jobs that depend on " ski " activity, which now accounts for a large percentage of mountain turnover in France. More broadly speaking, employment in the mountains is characterised by multi-activity and seasonality. This high level of dependency affects the traditional activities of resorts, making the transition to a new economic model crucial. Given these facts, the question of how mountain tourism should evolve arises.

Climbing, a fast-growing sport.

These times have also seen an expansion in the practice of climbing, which has rapidly gained in popularity over the last 20 years and now boasts more than 25 million practitioners in nearly 150 countries around the world and almost 117,775 licence holders recorded by the FFME in March 2024. Now an Olympic sport, climbing has gradually become more accessible to the general public, and in recent years has become a real craze, thanks to the development of more urban climbing and the explosion of bouldering, a sport that encourages encounters and promotes the values of mutual aid, conviviality and well-being.


Climbing is a young and mixed sport, extremely complete and perfect for harmoniously sculpting the body, but also accessible and intergenerational, practised both in the outdoors and in a more urban form. It is strongly associated with outdoor activities, although 60% of licence holders state that they climb in private climbing gyms.


EP Climbing is committed to the Ecological Transition and to making climbing accessible to all.

EP Climbing is committed to the shift towards a regenerative economy and strives to propose solutions to adjust and change an economic model that is detrimental to sustainable development. We aim to create an economy in which the planetary ecosystem and its resources are respected, while promoting human fulfilment through development and constant growth.

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To bring this ambition to life, EP Climbing joined the Companies Convention for the Climate (CEC) this year, in order to train and contribute to the ecological and social transition. At the same time, as a member of the Mountain Cluster, the French accelerator for sustainable development and innovation in the mountains, EP Climbing is strengthening its commitment. Based in France, in the heart of the Savoie region, our sensitivity to the challenges of our mountain environment guides each of our actions.

Artificial climbing: an innovative experience in the heart of the mountains

Our motto: "brings climbing to everyone", embodies our conviction that climbing, which involves surpassing oneself, well-being, the quest for interiority and connection with nature, can have a positive impact on society and the individual. By offering everyone, whatever their age or level of ability, the chance to discover and practice climbing, we firmly believe that mountain resorts can diversify and perpetuate their activities by helping to strengthen social ties and promote the values of respect for the environment and inclusion that are imbued in them.

Many resorts have little or poorly used cliffs. Setting up outdoor or even indoor artificial structures will enable resorts to get to grips with the practice and help mountain tourism professionals build a bridge between artificial and natural climbing. The mountains are an ideal environment for climbing in the great outdoors, and artificial structures make climbing accessible to all ages, making it a less elitist activity that welcomes families and groups of friends.


Discover our Climbing Village

Our latest innovation: "Climbing Village" offers mountain resorts an innovative diversification adapted to all seasons and for all ages and levels. Installed on the snow front or in the heart of the resort, these boulders are a major innovation, offering a new and attractive activity for holidaymakers and providing a friendly outdoor experience for all the family.

Compliant with EN1176 playground safety standards, they ensure a safe and exciting climbing experience. Whether installed individually or in groups, they appeal to a wide audience, from families to climbing enthusiasts. This flexibility in terms of space and difficulty levels makes them perfectly suited to a variety of environments, such as ski areas, tourist office events or holiday villages.

Read more about the Climbing Village >


Reinventing mountain tourism to offer a varied range of 4-season activities

Mountain tourism therefore needs to evolve towards more diversified activities adapted to all four seasons. This means rethinking and developing the tourism offering in these regions, with the emphasis on a variety of activities that can be enjoyed all year round, regardless of weather conditions, such as climbing.

The transition to a more diversified and sustainable form of mountain tourism is essential to ensure the long-term economic viability of mountain regions, while preserving their fragile ecosystems in the face of the challenges posed by climate change, and without turning to a polluting activity that would exacerbate this scourge.

If you feel concerned by this reflection on the diversification of tourist activities in the mountains, we will be present at Mountain Planet tradeshow on stand 917 and we will also be presenting a pitch on Wednesday 17 April at 11am on stand 701, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes / Cluster Montagne, come and meet us!

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