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EP Climbing supporting UK military climbing

Climbing is a critical component of military training. It promotes problem-solving, teamwork, and mental resilience, all of which are essential skills for military personnel. The process of working through a climbing problem, sharing beta with fellow climbers, and celebrating each small victory fosters a strong sense of camaraderie and collective achievement.

For many military personnel, climbing provides a much-needed mental break and a way to connect with others in a non-competitive, supportive environment. Whether at a local gym or an outdoor crag, climbing helps individuals focus on the present moment, appreciate their surroundings, and build lasting relationships. This is particularly valuable for those in the military, where the demands and stresses of service can be intense.

EP Climbing, a historic supporter of the military

Since its inception, EP Climbing has been a steadfast supporter of the military, fostering strong associations with the Army, Royal Navy & Royal Marines, and the Royal Air Force. This enduring relationship is a testament to EP Climbing's commitment to the values and needs of military personnel, who often rotate through various assignments, necessitating a stable and long-term partnership.

EP Climbing's journey with the military began with the first Royal Navy & Royal Marines competition in 1996, and it has since expanded to support all branches of the military through numerous competitions and events. One of the highlights of the military competition calendar is the Inter-Services Climbing Competition where the elite climbers of all three military services compete against each other.


EP Climbing’s involvement in military competitions is extensive. The company sponsors and supports nine major events annually, providing not only financial backing but also prizes that resonate with the military community. These prizes often include vouchers for EP Climbing products or discounts on climbing holds and the ever-popular EP Climbing T-shirts. The enthusiasm for these T-shirts is a clear indicator of the military’s appreciation for EP Climbing’s support.

EP Climbing's unwavering support for the military goes beyond traditional sponsorship. The company has invested significant time, effort, and resources into enhancing the climbing experience for military personnel. This includes creating climbing walls on bases across the UK, such as designing and building the notable wall at RAF St Mawgan in 2014, and providing equipment and prizes for various competitions.


The Military Ambassador for EP Climbing: Mick

One of the cornerstones of EP Climbing’s connection with the military is Mick, the company’s dedicated Military Ambassador. Mick's relationship with EP Climbing is deeply rooted in his own military background. Having served in the Royal Navy, Mick transitioned to EP Climbing upon his retirement from regular military service and continues to be a prominent figure at military competitions. His firsthand experience and understanding of military life make him an invaluable liaison between EP Climbing and the armed forces.

Mick plays a crucial role in supporting and attending military competitions throughout the year. These include the three single service and the inter-services rope climbing competitions, a European military competition in the UK in 2025, and six bouldering league competitions, four of which are sponsored by EP Climbing. One of the standout events is the SAS Special Forces competition, which features both bouldering and lead climbing, showcasing the climbing skills of the participants.

Mick's story is a testament to the transformative power of climbing within the military. His journey from a military career to becoming a climbing ambassador highlights the positive impact that climbing can have on one's physical and mental health. Similarly, other military personnel have shared their experiences of how climbing has opened doors and provided opportunities for growth and achievement.

One such story is that of Louis, who joined RAF Climbing in 2015 and has since moved into management roles within the climbing community. Louis recalls how EP Climbing's support has been a constant presence throughout his climbing journey, from his early days in the sport to his recent involvement in organizing competitions. Mick's friendly and supportive presence has been a cornerstone of these events, offering encouragement and guidance to climbers of all levels.

The relationship between EP Climbing and the military is built on a shared passion for climbing. Mick's role as an ambassador embodies the values of both the company and the sport, offering a familiar and reassuring presence at every event. Through their continued support and dedication, EP Climbing and Mick are helping to build a strong, resilient, and connected climbing community within the military.

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Recognizing the critical importance of being in peak physical condition across various demanding professions, EP Climbing offers solutions to vital services who serve and protect us in various capacities such as fire department, law enforcement, and emergency medical services ensuring that they have access to the best climbing resources, promoting overall health, team cohesion, and mental well-being through the unique challenges and camaraderie that climbing offers aligning with our core mission of enhancing physical fitness and resilience across all professions that require being in top shape.

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In conclusion, EP Climbing's historic and ongoing support for the military is a testament to the power of climbing as a tool for personal growth, team building, and mental well-being. Through competitions, sponsorships, and the dedicated efforts of ambassadors like Mick, EP Climbing is making a lasting impact on the lives of military personnel across the UK.

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