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You run a school, work in a collectivity, or you’re a sports teacher and you would like to diversify your sports equipment? Find out why climbing should be integrated into a school and why it is beneficial for the students and the school structure.

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Benefits of climbing for children and young people

Climbing can be a powerful part of a high-quality physical education program. It is a very attractive activity that offers a great alternative to traditional team sports.

School walls are also a fantastic opportunity for your students to gain confidence in themselves and to develop a teamwork spirit.

Climbing, a complete ally for motor skills


  • Develops coordination & motricity

  • increase fitness level

  • Develops physical strengths

  • Develops cardio


Climbing, a real driver for developing mental capacities


  • Increase concentration & decision making

  • Learns sense of accomplishment

  • Helps to overcome fears

  • Increase self-confidence

  • reduces stress

  • ability to develop friendships

  • group cooperation skills

  • communication skills

  • Problem-solving


A climbing wall, yes, but where to install it in a school?

The advantage of building a climbing structure in a school or university is that it can be adapted to your available space.

  • A traverse can be installed in a hall, under a prehau, in a playground, etc.

  • A boulder wall could be installed in a gymnasium (school, city-owned), or on a mezzanine. We recommend 4.5m high available.

  • A Lead/ Top Rope climbing wall will require a few meters available in height (we recommend at least 6-8m for the little ones, using TrueBlue auto-belay for example), 8-10m for young people in college, and 10m minimum in university.

  • Speed Climbing walls require a minimum height of 10-15m.


What type of climbing wall and discipline to choose for your school or university?

There are several disciplines in climbing. Some are more recommended depending on the target audience (children, adults...). It is important to know if you want "recreational" walls or if you want to train your students for competition.

To help you in your choice, we have developed a guide. You can download it on this link.

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can advise you and guide you in your choice.


Our recommendations for a great climbing zone for schools and universities

To make the best climbing walls in your school or university, you will have to think of your students. Here are some recommendations:

Want to know more?

Download our brochure here or contact us!

Entre-prises goes beyond the wall

Our expertise doesn't stop at the construction of climbing walls.

We can also take care of your annual maintenance, we can come and fix the holds on your different walls to meet the levels of difficulty you require.

We can also send teams to install climbing lines before the end of the year exams if you don't have qualified personnel.

Finally, we also have a range of holds and volumes, which we can provide during your projects or throughout the year, to vary the climbing routes within your school or university.


Our teams are at your service to provide you with advice and solutions. Whether you are a novice climber or a passionate climber, we will be able to provide you with the best solution according to your needs and internal constraints. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.



Our specialist designers work with our sales teams to identify the most appropriate solutions in accordance with your needs and requirements. We will offer you a unique design, customisable and in your image.



Our internal specialists produce the design calculations in line with European safety standards EN 12572. An external inspection service then approves this analysis and issues an authorisation to proceed.



Feasibility and compliance study - EN 12572 standard

Your dedicated project manager carries out the feasibility study to ensure that your future installation complies with the standards and issues related to your building.



We are proud to tell you that our European production site in Spain has obtained the ISO9001:2008 certification issued by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

This certification both recognises and supports Entre-Prise’s ongoing improvement process, which aims to deliver increasingly safe, top-quality artificial climbing structures.



We take charge of all logistical aspects, from supplying parts to the full installation of your project by our local assembly team. Acceptance tests are carried out in accordance with standards EN 12572.



As part of our ongoing improvement process, our teams can support you in inspecting, maintaining, and optimising your facilities, and respond to changes in your requirements.

We draw on our experience in managing climbing facilities and our marketing resources to advise you in the use and promotion of your structure.


In addition to showing you some examples, this brochure will provide you with advice, knowledge about the different climbing disciplines and our recommendations for your facility.


A few times a month we will send out newsletters updating you with the latest industry and EP relevant news and our last holds promotions! Stay in touch!

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