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Climbing walls

Since 1985, we do our best to design, build and install climbing walls. Our core business is our passion.
Our team, made up of experts in their respective fields and passionate climbers, is the best to accompany you in your projects.

All our creations are made according to the highest standards.

Top rope/ lead walls

Climbers are supported by a rope, either by a second belayer or by using a TRUBLUE™ automatic belay.

The advantage of being belayed by a second person is trust.

Indeed, knowing that a partner is holding the rope allows the climber to get more comfortable with the fall and to rest in his harness if he gets too tired.

This is an excellent option for beginner climbers or for advanced climbers who want to practice difficult moves and exceed their skills.

Lead walls are recommended for advanced climbers and for assessments. It is an excellent way to progress in climbing


Speed walls

Speed climbing is a form of indoor climbing where athletes compete to achieve the best time to the top of the climbing wall.

The competition takes place on a standardised climbing wall, (the holds are always the same, the route as well.)

The wall is 15m high. Some athletes train specifically for this discipline.

Speed climbing is an excellent discipline for competition, often spectacular, the spectators are not disappointed.

We are glad to be IFSC official speed walls manufacturers


Bouldering walls

Bouldering is a form of rock climbing, performed without any rope or harness.

The climber solves a route, called a “problem”, on a wall no higher than 4.5m above the safety surface.

The climber performs precise sequences of powerful moves to solve the problem.

Thick mats protect climbers from falling and are essential for the safety of the climber.

Bouldering is great for all skill levels and can be done alone even if it’s usually done as part of a social group.

Adding an easier section to the bouldering area makes it accessible to students of all ages (primary to secondary school).

Boulder walls are increasingly being attracted by the climbing community as a fitness alternative. They allow for greater flexibility in the choice of building, as there are fewer height constraints.


Traverse walls

Traverse walls are meant to be climbed horizontally instead of vertically, this is a format called ‘bouldering’.

This is done above a safety surface, thickness depends on the height of the wall and without ropes and harnesses.

The fun and challenge of a Traverse Wall are to make it from one side to the other, rather than to the top.

Students are never more than a few feet off the floor as they traverse the wall.

A traverse wall is a great way for initiation and can be installed almost everywhere.

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Competition Walls

We are proud to be an IFSC official climbing wall partner. We can provide any kind of climbing walls, depending on your needs. Contact us for more information!

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