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Developed in New Zealand in 2005, Clip ‘n Climb has brought the niche sport of indoor to everyone. A fully integrated product in the EP portfolio, you have access to over 50 fun and colourful climbing Challenges to integrate to your climbing gym, multi-activity centre, standalone Clip ‘n Climb centre, trampoline park and more.

Why fun climbing?

These days, people crave experiences, not things. And in a world that is becoming more and more dependent on technology, families are looking for creative ways to spend some quality and guilt-free time together. Clip ‘n Climb provides the perfect environment for this by designing sportainment facilities that cater to all audiences.

This market has a strong potential for profitability, as it relies heavily on customer experience - this is a key point on which Clip ‘n Climb insists.

Why Clip ‘n Climb?

With over 15- years of experience and over 300 centres worldwide we are the leading brand in fun climbing. We have three ranges of climbing Challenges to fit any facility types from standalone centres to climbing gyms to trampoline parks and resorts.

As a business model, Clip ‘n Climb generates strong cash flow and impressive profitability which, combined with our on-going support and development, makes for an exciting commercial opportunity for motivated investors.

Safety being our top priority, the climbing system we developed has revolutionized the way we used to climb. We removed all constraints - always making sure maximum safety was assured - to empower climbers to climb alone, promoting a more dynamic climbing experience. No matter climbers’ age or ability - they can enjoy the climb and have full control. We also have important quality criteria and standards to meet.

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