A new rental wall to Chamonix

This weekend, EP climbing will take the stage in Chamonix, France.

The climbing world cup will be held in Chamonix, France this weekend (Place du Mont Blanc). During three days (8/7/22 to 10/7/22). The best athletes around the world will compete in lead and speed climbing disciplines. For this occasion, EP has built a brand new lead wall but that's not all; As EP brings climbing to everyone, we have set up a new kind of wall for the public.

place du mont blanc

We introduce the boulder Panda, a 15m wide mobile bouldering wall, developed for events & renting. Delivered and fixed in a container, count about 5 days for the installation. This wall will be available for all, during three days.

Thanks to Romain Desgranges and Fabrice Judenne, the route setting will be thought for all levels. Children, beginners to experienced climbers.

EP boulder Panda

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