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Browsing on the site is liable to cause cookies to be installed on the user’s computer. A cookie is a small file that does not allow the user to be identified but records information relating to a computer’s browsing on a site. The data obtained in this way is intended to facilitate subsequent visits to the site, and to enable various measurements of visit frequency.


We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website, then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement. This website does not deploy any third-party affiliate marketing cookies. More information on cookies can be found on All cookies deployed form part of the following:


Any cookies that have the sole purpose of making the website work. They will always be the first party, and for the most part session cookies. They would usually be used solely to enable site navigation, like maintaining a persistent user session across pages. They are cookies that would fall under the ‘strictly necessary’ exemption for consent in the regulations.

This website uses cookies that are “Strictly Necessary” to make the website function.


These are cookies that are designed to enhance the core user experience on the site or help with measuring site performance. Google Analytics cookies, fall into this category which is a technology that allows for the tracking of website visitor numbers and areas of the website that are utilised by visitors. This information is provided by software that is provided by Google. This category is always the first party and may include both session and persistent cookies. These cookies have a longer life span than 30 days and can be cleared from your browser at any time.
This website uses Google Analytics cookies that are “Intrusively Low” to inform the website owners of traffic and visitor numbers and related information such as webpage content usage.


These are cookies that might be used to store more personally identifiable information, or can be used for limited cross-site tracking. This category would also include first-party cookies that track or control the user experience within a site, in a way that might not be obvious to the user or under their control. Especially if it is a persistent cookie that can do this across multiple visits. A cookie that enables a website to present content based on previous visits by that user, or based on personal information would be good examples. Cookies used by many types of social networking services, and set by sharing buttons, would fall into this category. This is because they are only able to track a user if they have previously signed in and agreed to their terms and conditions, so they don’t affect all visitors. This would also include third-party cookies that enable certain types of plug-ins and widgets to be added to a site to enhance user functionality, but are not identifying visitors or tracking behavior across other domains unless they have otherwise opted-in or signed up directly with that provider. The Twitter Follow button is a good example of this. It can set cookies used for tracking and user profiling, but only if that user has a Twitter account.

This website uses cookies that are “Intrusively Medium” to inform the visitor of previous pages viewed. This information is anonymous to the website owners and is a feature to allow easier navigation of the website. In addition, any third-party links to social networking services throughout our website (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube for example) only deploy third-party cookies if you have already signed up for these services and are signed into these services.


Any cookies that are mainly intended to track and record visitor interests, without any kind of prior consent, and to aggregate that data across sites for the benefit of third parties would fall into this category. This would include all types of cookies served by online advertising and also cookies set through the provision of embedded content that is not directly advertising related. Embedded YouTube videos, or Google Maps set and retrieve cookies which could be used to track users across sites, even if they are not used to then serve up adverts. The vast majority of third-party cookies would fall into this category.

This website does not directly deploy cookies that are “Intrusively High” within its source code. We do not deploy any third-party cookies that are sold or supplied directly to third parties. Any third-party embed technology such as a YouTube video has been set to “enable privacy-enhanced mode” which means that no intrusive cookies are deployed.


You can set up your website browser to refuse cookies or to alert you to their presence and thereby allow you to remove them from your computer by clicking any of the links below:


We may offer links to third-party websites on our website that do not operate within our privacy policy. It is recommended that you review each third-party website and related privacy policy before providing information and data.
External links to third-party websites are maintained by third parties with whom we have no control over. We offer no guarantees in respect to the accuracy, intent, information, and data contained in third-party websites.

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